Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review Tuesday: Charli XCX: SUCKER

For Christmas I gave Stacey the secondstudio album from Charli XCX. It's been in constant rotation ever since.

Charli XCX
After years of being in a background, writing songs for other acts Charli XCX has emerged as a pop-music force to be reckoned with. The record only came out a couple months ago and there are already  three top 20 hits on it. I suspect there will be at least a couple more.

  1. Sucker [Explicit] 2:43 
  2. Break The Rules [Explicit] 3:23 
  3. London Queen 2:51 
  4. Breaking Up [Explicit] 2:17 
  5. Gold Coins 3:02 
  6. Boom Clap 2:49 
  7. Doing It 3:48 
  8. Body of My Own 2:45 
  9. Famous 3:52 
  10. Hanging Around [Explicit] 3:18 
  11. Die Tonight 2:51 
  12. Caught in the Middle 3:01 
  13. Need Ur Luv 3:45 
This record seems more mature than her previous effort. While the previous record was supposed to be about her experiences with love, this is more of an emotional roller coaster, with a lot of anger on for the ride. 

This is clearly a pop album, but it doesn't strike me as much as the vapid kiddy-bubble gum nonsense that most acts dump on the hit stations. There's fun on this. Anger. Strong language. Bad attitude. And it's rolled together with [mostly] palatable tunes and beats. The record is clean and polished. Good production. 

In my opinion, SUCKER is the best track on the record. I wonder who she's got in mind? She actually names Luke...

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