Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review Tueasday: The Walking Dead - Season 5

Season Five
In a post-zombie-apocalypse world, a group of survivors try to make their way from the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia up to Washington DC. 
The season started off with our group of survivors in the clutches of the cannibals of TERMINUS. They were mostly reunited but in terrible danger of being DINNER. Episode one was a tremendous start to the season with more blood, guts, and action than we sometimes see in am entire season. 

Since then this season seemed more like a journey to unify the stories of the television show and the comic book source material. The season finale continued that course.

Right now the big deviation is the Wolf Pack. I don't remember them from the books, but their presence reaffirms the tagline from a previous season, Fear the LIVING

The season finale let us see how much of a threat the Wolf Pack is. Morgan made it to Alexandria. Rick is established as village bad ass. 

In general, I liked this season very much. I am looking forward to next season. They have already announced that John Hamm will be joining the cast as Negan, so that means they are definitely getting to that TOTAL WAR storyline. The new series, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is coming out soon as well. It's going back to the beginning of the pandemic from the point of view of survivors in Los Angeles.