Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review Tuesday: Sol Invictus by Faith No More

During the 80s I was introduced to FAITH NO MORE. I was very excited earlier this year to hear that they were back together and working on music. The fruit of their labors came out recently.


FAITH NO MORE emerged during the turbulent 80s with a fusion of the new genres blended together. Alt rock + heavy metal + hip hop / heavy guitars and ultra heavy beat. It was like they had two careers as they hit it big with their first singer then vanished, then re-emerged with a new singer and found huge commercial success. And then the band fell to pieces. (Pun Intended)

After nearly 20 years apart, the band is back together and assembled a thoughtful and provocative album that is VERY Faith No More to the core, yet evolved.
The tracklist:
1 Sol Invictus 2:37 
2 Superhero 5:16
3 Sunny Side Up 2:59 
4 Separation Anxiety 3:44
5 Cone of Shame 4:40 
6 Rise of the Fall 4:09 
7 Black Friday 3:19 
8 Motherfucker [Explicit] 3:30 
9 Matador 6:08 
10 From the Dead 3:06 
It's best to approach a record like this with no expectations. Who knows who's still in the band and where there tastes currently lie? It doesn't take long to hear Patton's voice, as clear as ever, Bottum's keys laying down tapestries and Bordin's flamming snare doing what we know best from FAITH NO MORE.

While I find the entire album enjoyable, Cone of Shame became an instant favorite. Superhero evokes memories of Surprise You're Dead. Sunny Side Up reminds you that this is a band with a sense of humor.

Old fans and new listeners will find this a thoroughly well written and rockin' record. Welcome back, FAITH NO MORE!