Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review Tuesday: Ted 2

Ted 2
Years after the events of the original movie, TED, our foul-mouthed teddy bear anti-hero finds himself in court battling for his personhood. 
In an age when Hollywood rarely has new ideas, we should've expected a sequel to the wildly successful TED. But where do you go after that? Were there any booze-soaked, pot addled, dick jokes left to tell?

Apparently so. 

Years after what we saw in the first movie, John's (Marky Mark) marriage to Lori (Mila Kunis) ended in divorce, so she's not in it. This current film starts with the wedding of Ted (voiced by McFarlane) to Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). While dealing with marital woes they decide to adopt a child, therein opening a can of worms. Being an animated teddy bear, Ted was not legally considered a person. 

Seth McFarlane presents us with a civil rights comedy. Yeah, that's right. Don't worry, it doesn't get too burdened down with heavy stuff. It's chocked full of beer, weed, jizz and black cocks.

A movie like this is rather predictable. The young lawyer looking for experience and willing to help Ted out, pro-bono is Samantha L Jackson played by Amanda Seyfried. Giovanni Ribisi is back reprising his role as Donny. Then there's a host of other actors with memorable scenes, like Liam Neeson being his TAKEN character, Patrick Warburton being THE TICK, Michael Dorn being a Klingon, etc. 

I'll admit that when I saw TED 2 was coming out I wondered, who was looking for this? Who would go see this? Then there I was opening weekend in a seat! Of course, it was Mrs. Bax0jayz who insisted because she hasn't been to a movie since last year, and wanted her triumphant return to be a RATED R comedy. Right there is the key to this flick. The viewing audiences are tired of paying for a movie ticket only to see humor-light, nothing much edgier than you would see on network television. 

In summation, I am saying that this definitely is a funny movie and not just a rehash of the material from the first movie. If you liked TED, you'll love TED 2. I know there are a lot of people who hate Seth McFarlane, but I happen to like his style and his formula for a fast comedic pace. 

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I do wish it had some of this in it...