Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Box Office - 06/29/2015

Weekend Box Office
  1. Jurassic World $54.2M 
  2. Inside Out $52.1M 
  3. Ted 2 $33.0M 
  4. Max $12.2M 
  5. Spy $7.8M
Well color me surprised. After how well the original TED did, I don't think anyone expected it to fall into the #3 spot for its open weekend. Jurassic World held on to the #1 spot with a big drop off, and the kid flick Inside Out was a close #2. Maybe Ted 2 would've done better if they waited for Mila Kunis to recover from having a baby and be able to be in the movie. I know I'd like to see more of this...