Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review Tuesday: Jupiter Ascending

When I saw the commercials for this movie earlier this year, it looked interesting. So when it was the in-flight movie on a recent trip, I gave it a view. 

When a poor Russian immigrant turns out to be the reincarnation of intergalactic royalty, she stands between life and death of the world's population. 
This is how science fiction gets a bad reputation.
  1. Great special effects? CHECK!
  2. A heart throb leading man? CHECK!
  3. A hot leading chick? CHECK!
But that's where the good stuff ended. The story is pretty simple. Aliens populate planets with humans who are later harvested for youth serums. It's a fairly vain concept, but who wouldn't want immortality? But the story was diluted in layers of nonsense, and distracted from with Channing Tatum's odd looking make-up job to make him into Caine Wise, a human genetically crossed with a dog who gets around with jet powered roller skates. 

While the special effects are visually stunning, the characters are mostly disgusting and the story was just digging in deeper and deeper into a heap of trash. Tatum was overused. Kunis didn't get a chance to do much with her character. It felt like they were just using her as a dress up doll. 

I call this movie two plus hours of disappointment.

I wish it had some of this instead....