Friday, September 25, 2015

WTF Friday: In the news 09/25/2015

Socialist Pope Invades NYC

Pope Francis is in the Big Apple to assert his socialist propaganda: 
  1. We need to do something about climate change.
  2. We need to do something about wage inequality.
  3. Capitalism is evil. 
  4. The USA is evil. 
  5. The USA needs to do more about the poor.
  6. The USA needs to do more about the refugees. 
Big words coming from a man who sits on a gold throne in the richest country in the world. He was praising Cuba this week for all they have done, but was scathing in his remarks about the US. Hey man, how about helping the environment and cut down on your flights? How about getting your priests to stop molesting children? How about using some of YOUR wealth to help the refugees and poor? How about saying it's okay to use birth control? I can go on all day with an America hating hypocrite like this guy.  

Boehner Resigns

Speaking of American hating hypocrites, Speaker of the House and Chairman Obamao's puppet, John Boehner put in his resignation today. After all the promises he made, he has done nothing but go along with the President's agenda, rubber stamping nearly everything. The Libs are actually ambivalent about this, what if a real conservative gets the job? Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mitch McConnell, you're next, please!