Thursday, December 03, 2015

X Japan Raises Over $200,000 for Tsunami Charity

X Japan kicked off the first show of their World Tour in a small club called Blue Resistance in Ishinomaki, Miyagi-Prefecture in Japan on November 28th. Ishinomaki was among the most seriously affected areas by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Yoshiki visited Ishinomaki after the Tsunami disaster along with Blue Resistance in September of 2012, and made a promise then to start his first show of X Japan’s upcoming world tour in the same venue. Only 150 tickets were available for the show, 75 were given to residents of Miyagi-Prefecture, and 75 were auctioned off at Yahoo Japan’s auction, resulting in JPY28,289,358 – roughly $230,000 in total sales. The entire amount was donated to the affected areas of 311 Tsunami through Central Community Chest Society. Additionally, the show was streamed live for free in Ishinomaki’s local sports arena via Live Viewing for those who could not attend the show.

This was the first of 9 shows on X Japan’s World Tour, the next coming today (December 2nd) at Yokohama Arena). The tour will conclude on March 12th at Wembley for the band’s long-awaited album and film release. X Japan also recently released their “Born to Be Free” fan-dedicated video, which can be seen HERE.

Charity Show Setlist:
1. Prologue (World Anthem)
3. Rusty Nail
4. Kurenai
5. Forever Love (Yoshiki & Toshi)
6. Hero
7. Born to Be Free
8. X


9. Endless Rain
10. Tears
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“Born to Be Free” Fan Video:

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