Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Review Tuesday: Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson

by Daniel H. Wilson
Immediately after the events of Robopocalypse, a new menace is unleashed against mankind. 
The sequel I didn't know we needed. Daniel H. Wilson picks up where he left us off with the Grey Horse Army leaving Alaska after the final showdown with Archos R-14. 

It appears that Archos was only preparing the human race for an even worse AI called Archos Revision 8, aka ARAYT SHAH. 

The writing is clever. Wilson hits the nail on the head that once the common enemy appears to be out of the way, humans begin to turn on one another and feel compelled to destroy anything they don't understand. 

Written from the perspective of ARAYT, the book is a real nail biter straight to the end. A very unusual apocalypse concept that draws you in. Well worth your time to read!    

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