Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review Tuesday: Sex Tape (2014)

When a couple tries to spice up their love life by making a sex tape things go terribly wrong. 
I was conflicted about this movie from the start. I hate Jason Segel, but find Cameron Diaz to be so sexy. A friend offered me the DVD for our viewing pleasure, so why not?
My fears were well founded. A weak story mixed with too much Jason Segel and an overall obnoxious cast and not enough of Cameron Diaz being sexy yielded a film I could've easily lived without seeing. Probably the worst part was the build up. You're watching this mess and everyone is commenting to this couple about how hot the sex was and how long they were at it, but when they showed the clips reel in the movie it was heinous. It would cause me to go on a vow of celibacy if I thought my sex life looked like or could end up like that.

Save yourself. Pass on this train-wreck. 

AMAZON: Sex Tape