Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review Tuesday: The X-Files, Season 10

The X-Files
Season 10
Special Agents Mulder and Scully are called back to the FBI to re-open the X-Files after a series of strange events.
Okay, I'll preface this review by saying that I have been a fan of The X-Files ever since the pilot episode in 1993. Between the underlying story arc about humans being abducted by aliens to create a hybrid race and the odd-ball one-offs about various things that go bump in the night, I found myself glued to the screen weekly. Even when they had other characters running the show, it was still compelling television for me. It also spawned a movie that I adored. 

And then it ended. 

Due to all manner of contract issues, the show wasn't able to continue. 

Years later we were given hope. Out from nowhere a new X-Files movie hit the silver screen, which was a ninety minute single episode.

Then last year came word that Chris Carter and FOX worked out the details for a TENTH SEASON of The X-Files. I couldn't have been happier. They called it a six-episode event and the season finale was last night. 

Contained within those six episodes we were introduced to a new menace in the opening and closing episodes, cushioned with the creepy-crawly things in between. Many of my friends have come to me to exchange thoughts on many aspects. Everyone agrees that Gillian Anderson still looks great as Dana Scully but her voice sounds strained. Something seems off about David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. Here's a little secret, fellas, season 9 ended over a dozen years ago and everyone is older and looks it. That being said, everyone still plays his / her roles splendidly.

All in all I feel that the fans have been rewarded with this brief tenth season. It was clever and well-crafted. Probably the best news may be that FOX enjoyed huge ratings over this and would love to commit to another season. The trouble lies again with the stars, namely David who vowed he'd never go back to a show with a 22 episode season. At this moment Chris Carter has already assured the fans that there will be more X-Files, but in what shape or form is anyone's guess. I just hope that they DO come back with more after that massive signature X-Files cliffhanger! It can't come soon enough!

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