Saturday, March 05, 2016

I saw a cat get killed

I was crossing Utopia Parkway near 46th avenue this morning. Something darted out into the busy morning rush traffic. It was a cat attempting to get across. It didn't make it.

Before my eyes was the result. The car driver, likely unaware of what occurred continued on. The cat, in its death throes, flailing in agony, spraying blood all about.

I shook my head at the senselessness of it all. This animal, perhaps a beloved pet will never return home. Why? Some people have the misguided notion that cats are meant to roam about. To be allowed their moments to touch the wild. In reality they are asking for their pet to have an accident.

I had written the above portion on 3/3. On the morning after I walked the same path and was startled to find no carcass on the street. No evidence that anything untoward had happened. The image of the agony is burnt on my brain. This thing DID happen. Was the animal able to hobble off? Did someone claim it? I'll never know what happened. But I'll always be convinced that you should keep your pets under a watchful eye if you care about them.

Addendum: This morning I was walking the same path again and noticed a towel in some grass on the side of the road. It appeared to contain the remains of the cat. When the accident occurred one car did block traffic and a girl was trying to keep other cars from finishing off the kill. After I left the scene she must've wrapped the cat in the towel and dragged him off to the side to die in peace. I guess there are a few good souls out there.