Monday, March 07, 2016


(LOS ANGELES) -- Sugar Fly, the Los Angeles based purveyors of Rock N Soul, have just released the official video for their current single “Heartbreak City.” Fans can check out the video here

“Heartbreak City” is featured on the band’s debut self-titled EP, which was released on Friday. The EP is the sound of a band firing all on cylinders and embracing their wide and diverse musical backgrounds. Part soul, rock, and blues record, Sugar Fly’s debut EP is treading in familiar waters, but also dead-set on making new waves. Drummer Noah Lifschey explains: “We wanted it to sound current as opposed to the more standard purely retro thing, so it's got the gut punch of retro rock and soul but is also huge and modern in scope, with some big analog synths that ice the cake.” Fans can stream Sugar Fly’s debut EP on all the usual streaming platforms or purchase the record on iTunes here.

To celebrate the release of the EP, the band will be performing at the iconic El Cid in Los Angeles on March 12th. Tickets for the show are available here.

Sugar Fly was conceived by Collyn McCoy (bass) and Grammy nominated producer Noah Lifschey (aka Stereo Lif), after performing together on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s TV show, HitRecord. Fueled by a steady diet of classic vinyl, vintage tube amps and Kentucky bourbon, the two sequestered themselves to Noah’s studio and birthed the burgeoning sound that had been swimming in their heads. All they needed was the vocalist of their dreams with the ability to peel the paint off the walls of their studio.

Enter Tia Simone. Equal parts Aretha, Etta, and Bon Scott (with the charisma of Freddie Mercury) she evokes starpower and infuses several vocal styles into one deeply soulful fusion. “Sure soul and rock have been fused many times before, but just not the way we do it,” says Tia.

Sugar Fly’s live band is composed of Tia Simone (lead vocals), Noah Lifschey (drums), Collyn McCoy (bass), Dre DiMura (guitar) and Esteban Chavez (Hammond organ/analog synths).

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