Tuesday, July 12, 2016

REVIEW TUESDAY: Maggie [2015]

After a zombie pandemic a rural town deals with the after-effects.
The zombie niche has been done over time and again and there seems to be very little original subject matter left. However, rather than feed us another story of an undead uprising, this tale started after all the major damage was done. The population already appeared to be depleted, the zombies had been mostly contained and life was starting to return to normal.

Except for Maggie (played by Abigail Breslin), who contracted the virus under questionable circumstances and is brought home on the farm by her father Wade Vogel (Arnold Schwarzennegger). 

The movie is about her descent into the virus, from when Maggie will cease to exist and the cannibalistic undead creature using her body would emerge like some perverted butterfly from a chrysalis. 

I found this movie compelling since it wasn't your average zombie flick. You didn't have the walking dead chasing down our heroes, but rather by friends, family and even the law. It's less of a horror movie and more about how communities fear the unknown. While you don't have fast-runners or decapitations, you do have a provocative film to entertain your mind.  

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