Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Years ago I was introduced to Kidneythieves being told, they sound like evil disco with a girl singer. Okay, sounds interesting. POW! After hearing Zerospace I knew this band hwas something special and I have been a fan every since.

The Mend

Fast forward a bunch of years and the music industry is a shambles. People aren't buying records anymore so bands can't get funding from record companies. Bands that previously did well now have to turn indie and fund their own projects. Kidneythieves cleverly funded this record through a Kickstarter.  


1. Fist Up 03:48
2. Codependent Song 03:59
3. Who You Are 03:35
4. In Love With A Machine 04:03
5. Kushcloud 03:31
6. Migration 04:21
7. Let Freedom Ring 03:42
8. The Solution Is In The Trees 03:38
9. Living Like You Did 04:20
10. World For Us 03:49
The first track kicks off reminding you of what you expect from Kidneythieves. It's a hard hitting industrial rock song with the delicious voice of Free Dominguez adding the perfect flavor to the track. I won't even bother going over the details of each song because I feel they are all amazing. I got in on the Kickstarter and downloaded my tracks last week and can't stop listening to this album! One word comes to mind as a description of this record:
It's clean and polished, yet rough when it's supposed to be and Free's voice is like that of an angel. She nails it every time. I love this album. It almost makes me sad, because when something this amazing shows up, it usually brings the end of an era. I hope not. I hope this team keeps up the good work. I also hope they stop by NY for a performance. 

You can and should get THE MEND at their official store:

Or on Bandcamp ...
Or on iTunes