Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Review Tuesday: DON'T BREATHE (2016)

I intended this month to be comic book month but I actually went to see a movie that's currently out, so that comes first, hell with my schedule. 

A group of kids trying to get out of Detroit choose the wrong house to rob.
We both had off last Thursday, so Mrs Bax0jayz wanted to see a scary movie. DON'T BREATHE came up. It's described as "horror, thriller, suspense" and it was rated R. The trailer looked scary, so we went. 

Some kids rob homes in Detroit for some extra pocket cash were given a tip on a blind Iraq War vet who had about $300k in cash stashed in his house. Looking for the big haul that would propel them out of that depressed dead-end city, they decided to rob it. 

The blind vet is played by Stephen Lang. He's a creepy old guy who looks like he can smash you with his bare hands. He came across his small fortune from a lawsuit after his daughter was killed in a car accident. Living in a run down and quiet part of Detroit, the three thieves this will be an easy mark. The leader of the group, Money (Daniel Zovatto), his girlfriend Rocky (Jane Levy) and the inside man Alex (Dylan Minnette) created their plan. Alex's father runs the company that does security for this blind guy's house, so he brought a remote control for the alarm system. Once the alarm was shut down, use some chemical to knock out the vet for the night while they find the cash and run off. Easy, right?


Nothing went to plan. The vet woke up and screwed up the whole plan. From that point on it was a series of thrilling and suspenseful scenes with all sorts of crazy stuff going on in that house.

This movie is an hour and a half of thrill and suspense. Plus the director did a clever job of focusing in on some things that will come up later on. We walked out of the theater thinking that this wasn't any sort of horror movie that we were expecting. Technically, everyone in this movie is a villain of some sort so you don't even really care all that much what happens to them. But there are a couple WTF!? details in this movie. Such as, how the HELL can a blind guy score so many head-shots in one movie?!?!!? But it IS a movie and if you can suspend some belief you'd enjoy this much more. A fun scare ride, probably more worthwhile on the big screen, if it's still around by the time you see this.