Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

wassail \WAH-sul; wah-SAYL\, noun:
1. An expression of good wishes on a festive occasion, especially in drinking to someone.
2. An occasion on which such good wishes are expressed in drinking; a drinking bout; a carouse.
3. The liquor used for a wassail; especially, a beverage formerly much used in England at Christmas and other festivals, made of ale (or wine) flavored with spices, sugar, toast, roasted apples, etc.
1. Of or pertaining to wassail, or to a wassail; convivial; as, a wassail bowl.
transitive verb:
1. To drink to the health of; a toast.
intransitive verb:
1. To drink a wassail.
Wassail is from the Middle English expression of festive benevolence, wæs hæil!, be well!, from Old Norse ves heill, be (ves) well (heill).
  • The uncontrollable urge to check one's facebook every time one comes in contact with a computer.
Sam: "Dude, you've been on the computer for four hours reloading the same page. Don't you have a final exam tomorrow?"
Kyle: "Facebook Fever."
Sam: "No one has posted on your wall in days."
Kyle: "How do you know? They could have posted in between now and the last time that I reloaded the page!"


How many Star Wars performers appeared in all seven films in the popular sci-fi adventure series?
  • Only two. The diminutive Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2, and Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO.
  • Empress Myeongseong: the last empress of Korea was assassinated by the Japanese (1895)
  • perfect game: Don Larsen pitched what remains the only perfect game in World Series history; the Yankees beat the Dodgers, 2-0 (1956)
  • Che Guevara: leftist revolutionary hero was captured by the Bolivian army; he was executed the next day (1967)
  • water speed record: was set by Australian Ken Warby at 318 mph/510 kph near Tumut, New South Wales; it still stands (1978)
  • Solidarity: and the rest of Poland's labor unions were banned (1982); Solidarity continued to work underground, until it was declared legal in 1989
  • Kashmir: a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed some 80,000 and injured 65,000 on the Pakistan-India border (2005)
  • Eddie Rickenbacker 1890
  • Juan Peron 1895
  • Billy Conn 1917
  • Rona Barrett 1936
  • Fred Stolle 1938
  • Paul Hogan 1939
  • David Carradine 1940
  • Fred Cash (The Impressions) 1940
  • Jesse Jackson 1941
  • George Bellamy (The Tornados) 1941
  • Buzz Clifford 1942
  • R.L. Stine 1943
  • Chevy Chase 1943
  • Susan Raye 1944
  • Tony Wilson (Hot Chocolate) 1947
  • Sarah Purcell 1948
  • Brian Glenwright 1949
  • Sigourney Weaver 1949
  • Hamish Stuart (Average White Band) 1949
  • Robert "Kool" Bell (Kool & the Gang) 1950
  • Johnny Cummings (Ramones) 1951
  • Ricky Lee Phelps (Brother Phelps) 1953
  • Michael Dudikoff 1954
  • Darrell Hammond 1955
  • Stephanie Zimbalist 1956
  • Mitch Marine (Tripping Daisy) 1961
  • Steve Perry (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) 1963
  • C.J. Ward (The Ramones) 1965
  • Teddy Riley 1966
  • Emily Proctor 1968
  • Jeremy Davies 1969 - Actor ("Lost", "Saving Private Ryan") 
  • Matt Damon 1970 - Actor
  • Kristanna Loken 1979
  • Byron Reeder (Mista) 1979
  • Nick Cannon 1980
  • Angus T. Jones 1993