Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review Tuesday DOUBLE! Captain China Vol 3 & 4!

After a couple years MIA, the super hero who has mysteriously captured the imaginations of comic book fans around the world, CAPTAIN CHINA HAS RETURNED!

Captain China has to thwart a shape-shifting spy from hijacking the Chinese space program.

Captain China has to save a team of Japanese Teenie-Bopper heroes when their mech goes crazy in Shanghai.
These two issues of Captain China are a departure from the first two. Rather than dealing with old adversaries from his past, Captain China has to deal with modern challenges. Interestingly, his old-world mind-set and training helps him to save the day. When you see a hero deal with a situation just because he's trained to shoot a gun with either hand or on a bicycle, you must realize that new fangled techniques need not be the only solution. 

Both issues were compelling and fun to read. Excellent artwork and scripts.

What's even more fun is seeing how a character from a small indy comic-book company has been able to make an impact.You may acquire copies at:
or you might want to browse the site, especially the blog to see how Captain China has already created a world-wide fan-following!