Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Review Tuesday: KMFDM ROCKS [Milestones Reloaded] 2016


Milestones Reloaded

After more than thirty years of making music, industrial metal band KMFDM is doing it again! KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated as "no pity for the majority") has put out a 30th anniversary album (available from Ear Music) of remixes and a concert DVD from their most recent tour humbly called ROCKS.

Not only has KMFDM returned to naming their record with a five letter word, but also some familiar songs. Essentially the CD portion is an album of remixes of some of their greatest hits. 


The CD is a compilation of greatest hits and remixes. At first I was a little disappointed with a record of re-issued songs only having 14 tracks, but KMFDM has had a couple of those types of records since that whole MDFMK thing happened. This is a good compilation of songs and the remixes are fun, so I have no gripes.

However, if you got the special edition CD / DVD combo with the booklet, then you have a lot more to go through.

  • 1. Sucks Intro
  • 2. Kurnst
  • 3. Amnesia
  • 4. Ave Maria
  • 5. Light
  • 6. Pussy Riot
  • 7. I Heart You
  • 8. Free Your Hate
  • 9. Potz Blitz
  • 10. Tohuvabohu
  • 11. Son Of A Gun
  • 12. Rebels In Kontor
  • 13. Hau Ruck
  • 14. Animal Out
  • 15. Krank
  • 16. A Drug Against War
  • 17. DIY
  • 18. Megalomaniac
  • 19. Anarchy (Featuring Chant)
This is a concert DVD from their SALVATION Tour, which I got to see when they came around to NYC last time around. The cinematography is brilliant and the sound is clear, not muddied at all like many live recordings can be. That alone made the combo worth it's price.


Additional footage on the DVD includes extensive band interviews which shed a whole new light on the workings of this band and how this line-up came together. 


There's a booklet in the sleeve that tells the story of KMFDM in words and pictures. 

All in all this record created in me a new fascination and admiration for KMFDM. This is a great combo pack and well worth your hard earned cash to acquire. Highly recommended!    

Get it at the official KMFDM website: