Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Review Tuesday: THE STRAIN, Season 3

Season Three
The group continues to fight against The Master and The Strain in an effort to prevent a complete strigoi (vampire) occupation.
Season Three of The Strain is mostly based on Book 2 of The Strain Trilogy: THE FALL (Reviews for the BOOKS and COMICS). In the books, the first part laid out the outline of The Master's conspiracy. It took the show one season to do that. However, book two, properly named THE FALL, depicts the fall of humanity. It took seasons two and three of the show to cover that material.

While there have been many departures from the source material, the basic story is still intact.

I remember feeling that the second season dragged but this season wasn't like that at all, from the start. Maybe since they cut the season from 13 episodes (first and second seasons)down to TEN per season (season three and the upcoming fourth and final season) they needed to pick up the pace. 

After feeling somewhat disappointed with season two I find myself much more happy with the way season three played out. Less soap opera drama and more life-and-death situations like you would expect from the fall of mankind, being enslaved by vampires. Plus the season finale was quite literally EXPLOSIVE! While I was expecting it, I wasn't sure they would go through with it! Well done! 

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