Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review Tuesday: Underworld: Blood Wars [2016]

Blood Wars
The fifth chapter in the Underworld series: immortals from the vampire and lycan clans continue their ancient war to destroy each other.
Expectations can be good or bad. As a fan of the UNDERWORLD franchise since the beginning, I found myself terribly disappointed with the plot of the fourth movie, I found myself going into this installment with low expectations. That was pretty good because the movie got back into the original feel and turned out to be really good. 

This time around the usually-disorganized lycans are pulled together into a significant army under the leadership of Marius, played by Tobias Menzies. Part of his plan, it seems, is to destroy the hybrids (Michael, Selene and Eve) so that nothing can stand in his way. 

We were introduced to the coven in Prague. Amongst the vampire clan there are so many layers of perfidy that you almost need a score card to keep up with it all.

This fifth installment distances itself from the previous chapter and gets back on firmer ground. It's, at heart, far more like the original trilogy. It has the same feel and concepts. Part four was just a poorly executed collection of bad ideas with a couple scenes of brutal violence. If the Underworld franchise chooses to end with this film, it would be a fine exit. 


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