Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review Tuesday: Android 5.1 Smart TV Box

Android 5.1 Smart TV Box
After getting the Amazon Fire Stick, Mrs. Bax0jayz and I suddenly realized there's a whole world of free programming to view and we just haven't tapped into it yet. So when I saw this Android 5.1 Smart TV Box for only $25 on ebay, I decided to give it a shot. 

What you get in the package:
  1. Android "box" computer
  2. Power supply
  3. Remote control
  4. HDMI cable
The device is small and light. I zip-tied it to the rear of my television without any trouble. Powered it up and set the TV to HDMI and an ANDROID screen was up. This particular box came fully loaded with everything you need to enjoy the web on your TV. I logged onto our WIFI easily and turned my TV into a big screen Android device. This unit came with KODI with a bunch of plug-ins already installed, so we were able to start watching things right away. Anything that you can do on an Android device is possible with this machine. You can watch Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, use social media or even just surf the net if you wish. 

The box has USB and SD memory slots to expandability. I plugged a 2.4ghz wireless mouse to ease use even more. You can also plug in a keyboard if you so choose. 

If you have never used an Android device like this, especially KODI, it takes some getting used to. Once you become acclimated, you're off to the races! 

The only issue I found with this device was that HD programming was a bit choppy. I suppose this device might not have enough memory for larger files. 

For the price, this was a good deal. 

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