Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Review Tuesday: The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

The Brothers Grimsby
After being apart for 28 years, brothers from a rough part of England are thrust together to foil an evil plot. Hilarity ensues. 
In 2016 Sacha Baron Cohen gave us an action / adventure / comedy about a pair of brothers who were separated during childhood and ended up in very different places in their lives twenty eight years later. Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a dim-witted, booze-guzzling, Grimsby local with eleven children. Sebastian (Mark Strong) is a very capable and deadly international spy.

When they finally have their reunion, it costs Sebastian the mission he's on as well as putting him on the world's most-wanted list. The brothers have to work together to clear Sebastian's name and save the world. 

Of course, since this was written by "ALI G" you can rest assured it never gets too heavy. It only gets heavy with tons of politically incorrect and other forms of harsh humor. 

The story was fine, even with a couple plot holes here and there, but who watches one of these films for a perfect story-line? You want dick jokes and there are plenty of them. This movie was so refreshing in its irreverence and it kept me belly-laughing throughout. I highly recommend this movie if you can stomach raunchy low-brow humor. 

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