Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review Tuesday: 2 Broke Girls Season 6

2 Broke Girls
Season 6
After the events of season 5, the movie about Caroline's life has had a major impact on the lives of the girls and their friends. Hilarity ensues. 
To me, there must be one constant in this show. Max Black (Kat Dennings) cannot have a steady boyfriend. When that character is happy, the show suffers. It's just not as funny. This was a season of a mostly single Max and Caroline (Beth Behrs) open their dessert bar with money from Caroline's movie deal. As you can imagine this is a new source of troubles. Plenty of raunchy humor, and bundles of laughs.

I would say this season was, mostly, very funny and worth watching. However, CBS played the shell game and shifted it around to a couple different time slots during the season which may have caused the drop in viewership of just over 10%. This was the first season that the show ended without a firm commitment to the next season. So, while the season finale was huge and hilarious, fans have to wonder if it's also going to have to serve as a series finale should CBS decide to decline a seventh season.