Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tech Review Tuesday: TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse and TeckNet Lightning Cable

TeckNet BM306/V2 2400DPI 
Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
24 Month Battery Life With Battery Indicator

 These days more and more devices are Bluetooth enabled. No more need for cables for a wired mose or even a dongle for a wireless USB mouse. The TeckNet BM306/V2 Bluetooth Mouse arrives in a cardboard box -- frustration-free packaging as they call it. You open the box and you have a nicely packed mouse, operating instructions and warranty information.

To get this mouse going you will need two AAA batteries as a power source. I would recommend alkalines as they will add a little weight to this very light mouse if you like that. When you start Windows up (I used Win10) you'll need to go into Bluetooth devices. I had a conflict since I have another TeckNet Bluetooth mouse that I use. Once I removed the previous device this new one installed quickly and easily and was working immediately.
The buttons click nicely. The scroll works perfectly. The button to pan through the various resolutions is right on top and easy to go through. There is a battery life indicator LED on the side, which is an AMAZING idea. Plus they claim that you can get up to 2 years on one pair of batteries. Obviously I can't report on the accuracy of that statement, but I look forward to finding out!

At a cost of under $14, it's one of the cheaper Bluetooth mice available on Amazon, but don't let the low price tag fool you, it works nicely.

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[Apple MFi Certified]
TeckNet® 1M Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Lightning Sync & Charge USB Cable

This one is simple enough. Apple devices devour cables, which is why I steer clear of them. However, my wife insists upon having an iPhone, so when a see a good deal on lightning cables I get them for her. 

This cable is one meter long, which is close to a yard in Imperial measurement. The cable looks and feels well made. I have gotten other TeckNet cables in the past and they are still around, so I am hoping for the same kind of performance from this cable. 

At $5.49 I'd call this a really good deal.

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