Tuesday, October 10, 2017

REVIEW TUESDAY: KMFDM / ohGr at Irving Plaza, NYC 10/7/17

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Tour 2017
Irving Plaza, NYC

KMFDM, doing it again. After TWO new releases this year the band set off across the USA for the HELL YEAH! Tour, supporting the album with the same name. Their stop in NYC was on Saturday, October 7, 2017. 

The opening act was a white rapper. His set was about fifteen minutes, and by the time I walked into the auditorium, he was finishing up his last song. I didn't catch his name, but people in the crowd heckled by yelling out, "nice set eminem!"

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ohGr is the side-project of Nivek Ogre  and Mark Walk of Skinny Puppy and was formed in 2000.

  1. craCKer 
  2. dEVil 
  3. DoG 
  4. pissage 
  5. Shhh 
  6. wAteR 
Their set was longer than expected, despite the few songs listed on setlist.fm. Their stage presence was fun, and the sound effects were quite good, but their general mix seemed off. The guitars were mostly lost, the vocals also seemed too low, and the drums weren't prominent as you would expect for a band of this type. A very muddy sound. Nonetheless, the piqued my interest and made me want to find out more about them.


This makes the second time I got to see Kap'n K and the team. The place was packed, as you would expect a sold out show to be. Apparently KMFDM has become even more relevant and popular as time has gone on. Good for them!

  1. D.I.Y. 
  2. Freak Flag 
  3. Hell Yeah 
  4. Amnesia 
  5. Light Rebels in Kontrol 
  6. Total State Machine 
  7. Animal Out 
  8. Burning Brain 
  9. Bumaye 
  10. Glam Glitz Guts & Gore 
  11. Shock 
  12. Virus 
  13. Murder My Heart 
  14. A Drug Against War 
  1. WWIII 
  2. Hau Ruck 
  3. Godlike 
From my vantage point near the rear of the auditorium (as close as I could get to the front!) and with the tallest fans I have ever seen, I was able to only glean occasional and random views of the stage performance. However I could still discern that the band, onstage, was different from the last time I saw them. Dual axe attack of Jules Hodgson and Steve White was clearly missing and a NY local hired gun by the name of Andee Black Sugar was on stage taking on guitar duties. No details on what happened to the two members who have been with the band since 2002!

Member politics aside, KMFDM put on a set that was over 1.5 hours long. Since their songs are usually under four minutes, you can see how it can translate into 17 great songs for the fans to enjoy. From the moment they hit the stage their sound was perfect, crystal clear. You can make out every beat, each line, every vocal, each loop and effect, and every guitar lick perfectly. They have an impressive sound that allows the audience to comprehend every moment and to never lose even a single note to distorted muddiness that so many bands fall prey to. I don't think Sasha  has aged a day in decades. Lucia still struts the stage with a sexiness few others can touch. Andee did a great job with the guitars and Andy Selway kept the ultra-heavy beat perfectly. They put on a nicely polished show and I was happy I got to see the band again so soon!