Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Review Tuesday: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST [2017]

A terrible man who was made into a beast by a sorceress, must find a woman to fall in love with who he is INSIDE in order to break the spell.
Earlier this year this was the in-flight movie during one of my trips.  I had forgotten that Mrs. Bax0jayz and I had seen this on Broadway years ago, so this live-action version was something of a refresher course. This was likely the only way I could be bothered to see this film, as I felt that Emma Watson, though lovely and talented wasn't a good choice for the starring role of Belle.

I must say, that this movie far surpassed my low expectations. The loads of special effects required to pull off a film of this sort were seamless. The cast was perfect. The direction was on point. I have to say that when all was said and done that I found myself quite content with this movie. It could be a bit scary for children as it almost seems geared towards a more mature audience, but it's no less delightful.