Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Review Tuesday: Pluto's Ghost by B.C. Chase

Pluto's Ghost
A Suspense Novel
by B.C. Chase
After receiving a message from extraterrestrials NASA assembles a team that was specifically requested by the aliens for an historic meeting by the (no-longer) planet Pluto. A string of catastrophes ensues.
I never heard of this author nor this book before. Amazon popped it up as a suggestion and the tagline grabbed me. They allow you to borrow books for free, so why not?

Voyager I was sent out decades ago to observe our solar system then to venture beyond with an invitation for extraterrestrials to come and meet us. After receiving a response with very specific instructions, NASA sends off a team for the rendezvous. No step of this voyage isn't without challenges and tragedy. 

The story is told from the perspective of the least likely member of the team, 75 year old truck driver Jim. He had no experience in space. No degrees. Nothing making him extraordinary at all. In fact, he's plainly extra ordinary. 

Despite being set in space you immediately feel an air of mystery and suspense around this tale. Things don't feel right. Something's amiss. Was it crew perfidy? Were the aliens toying with the Earthlings? 

You easily fly through the pages since it's written in a flowing spoken word format. Plus, with all the strange events going on you keep turning pages to see what will happen next. I was suspicious about where the story was leading near the beginning of the story, but the massive plot twist in the final quarter of the book is shocking!

Not at all what I expected, making it a complete pleasure to read. I highly recommend it.