Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Review Tuesday: Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4

Fear the Walking Dead
Season 4
New survivors join "the family" after disaster struck.
Season four started off with Morgan. After he bolted from Alexandria in TWD, he wanted to get away from everyone and everything. He meets up with a stranger who seems like a really nice guy. Then meets up with a beautiful woman in an APC documenting life in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world. That first episode was outstanding and I didn't even notice that ALL of the old characters were missing. Until the end and then I was reminded of all the reasons why I have been mulling over giving up on this show, THE FAMILY. 

After the events of the season finale of season 3, we see that the family managed to survive the dam burst, regroup and settle down in a baseball field. Life was fine. Then the vultures arrived. A group of survivors who got along picking over the carcasses of other groups. If you weren't dead or dying, the vultures would "correct" that detail. 

From there it was something of a roller coaster ride. The show went all over the place, literally and figuratively. They hit the road. A storm hits. Everyone gets separated but always manage to find one another in this big wide world. Imagine that? To me the most important parts of this season were...


...the deaths of Nick and Madison. I hated both of them so the show is far better now, in my opinion. Nick very definitely died onscreen, so he is definitely gone. Madison, however, didn't get killed onscreen. On this show people have a habit of showing up a season later and a half-season story arc for what went down. 

Time will tell. But this last season brought me back in when I had decided to give up on this show. Well done. 
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