Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Review Tuesday: SPLINTER [2008]


A group of people are trapped in a gas station by some bizarre parasite that transfers it's virus into victims that become horrendous undead hosts.
We actually caught this on the FIRE stick a while ago, but I never reviewed it. What better time than October for my horror themed reviews?

A couple get hijacked by an escaped convict. During the escape attempt, they come across some very strange things. Some curiously aggressive creatures are attacking people. To make them more frightening, they are covered with thorns. Plus, once punctured by any of these creepy-crawlies you become infected with some virus that overtakes you. 

It's bloody and gory and somewhat reminiscent of THE THING. In fact, you can easily assume that this must be some sort of extra-terrestrial life form causing this. 

For a horror movie that I never heard of before, it's pretty well made. The acting is better than you'd expect. The special effects are executed well. It's very entertaining. Worth your time if you like horror.

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