Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Review Tesday: Holiday Edition!

Since today is Christmas, why not review something Holiday related? But I don't mean Christmas...

(the movie novelization)
by Jack Martin
Directly following the events of the original HALLOWEEN, Michael Myers continues his killing spree. 
HALLOWEEN 2 was the movie that turned the this franchise into a cliche slasher movie. The Shape no longer stalked and murdered to satisfy the blood-thirsty demon residing within him. No. Now he was going around being creative with how he was killing people. This was the story that also established Laurie Strode as the sister of Myers. Between that detail and the plethora of things established in the original movie that were either ignored and just randomly changed for no good reason, the reader is left scratching his head. The movie was bad enough in this way, but then add some lack-luster writing by Jack Martin and end up with a truly dull story to battle through. 

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(the movie novelization)
by John Passarella
Forty years after the events of the original Halloween, Michael Myers escapes so he can continue his killing spree.
In this installment of the franchise, everything in the series that came after the original movie is ignored. It is a direct sequel to the first. I previously reviewed the movie HERE. I really liked the movie, but was left wondering about many things. So I took a STAB at the book hoping it would allow answers to be told, and offer more insight into what was happening in the movie. The book DID NOT DISAPPOINT! So many more details are provided, as well and background, and thought processes. Large sections of the book are being told from the perspective of The Shape, therefore answering some of the questions about his motivation. 

This book told the story I was hoping to read. Well written. Plenty of suspense was developed. Satisfying ending. I highly recommend this to fans of horror and the HALLOWEEN franchise.

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