Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Review Tuesday: TurboTax Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019

Tax Software
Deluxe 2019

With Tax Season ending in a couple weeks, I figure I might as well pass judgement on the most commonly used tax prep software for people to use at home in the USA. 

I prepare some tax returns on the side for family. This year Intuit decided to install a new layer of anti-theft into their product which has been causing all sorts of problems. If your software is so buggy because of your new safeguards that it takes your customers a day of installing and re-installing, to try to make it work, you seriously screwed up your software! 

Not that the software was that great with all it's bloat in previous years, but this year with their anti-theft system in place (to maximize their own profits, not for OUR well-being) it's just become terribly problematic. 

The only reason I continue using this program is because it pulls data forward. If INTUIT doesn't get some better coders to make this pile of garbage install and work PROPERLY in the future I will be forced to go to any of their competition. 

If you are good at editing your registry and locating files to try to make this thing work, might as well get it on AMAZON, as they have the best deal on it, and you can instantly download it.