Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Review Tuesday: The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Season 2

The Walking Dead: World Beyond: Pollyanna McIntosh Cast in Season 2 | TVLine
The Walking Dead:
World Beyond
Season 2 / Final Season
After learning about what the Civic Republic has done, the kids form a plan to escape with the scientists. 
With the dull and mind-numbing direction that the other two TWD series have taken, I originally had little interest in getting started with this series. Two factors dragged me in, it's supposed to shed light on the mysterious soldiers in black from the Civic Republic and the show was a limited run, only two seasons. It turned out to be more like zombie Twilight. 
Take an incoherent plot, an inconsistent story-line, and a bunch of unlikable characters, and that's what this mess is. It's supposed to be the zombie pandemic from the perspective of the first generation to have to grow up through such a thing. The problem is that the kids are dumb and annoying. In an attempt to keep interest up they brought back the strange woman who led the garbage people from the All Out War story arc from TWD as some sort of security officer for the CR. At least she uses full sentences now. Otherwise it's just stupid people doing stupid things and it takes a handful of teens to outsmart everything. 
What the CR was up to, in a nutshell, was trying to find a method to cause the dead to decompose faster and STAY dead. Since that was slow work, the CR was actively "reducing population" to stretch natural resources. Obviously this didn't sit well, and the there was a mutiny and the scientists escaped to continue their work on THEIR terms. 
The show is dull and the characters are awful. This series continued the trend from TWD that every shot seems to be a head-shot. I want to know how, in a post-apocalyptic world with limited food and resources, that two of the main characters are clearly WAY overweight. This also continued the trend that everyone is oblivious of what's going on around then and didn't seem to take the zombies as any real threat until they are getting grabbed by one. Stealth? Who needs that!
This show was supposed to be a two-season limited series, however the ending heft so many loose ends that it makes me wonder if this is really the end of this series. or will they split it up int a couple new shows or more? While I consider the show to be mostly a waste of time to watch, there is a post credits scene that's most interesting. A new type of zombie emerges. Not like the slow and stupid ones. She is fast and strong. This is something that people have been hoping for for YEARS. The zombies have evolved. It seems like they are implying that some research may have gone wrong and created a new strain of the virus that creates a super-zed. Is this welcome, or too late? The viewers will determine that answer in time. For now, this show is trash.