Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Jeez. Seventeen years, seventeen fucking years!?!? That's four different presidents because we allowed the libtards to steal the election last year and install this demented racist relic to ruin this country and shit his pants at the Vatican. Well done. Perfect solution to "orange man bad" you morons.
17 years ago today the first post on BAXOJAYZ-CENTRICITY went live. Time flies when you're having fun. Here it is:

I started up a blog to replace my old AOL Hometown. It was too difficult maintaining an old fashioned website and Blogger was the way to go. Plus, I was highly influenced by Steve Bunche to take this route. He used to be funny. Now he's a grumpy old man.

Since then I have created several other blogs for various purposes and this blog has seen a couple redesigns along the way.

In 16 years this blog has made me many friends, enemies, created an outlet for ideas, and made me some money. At this point I have over 700,000 hits clocked in, and that's just from the point the counter went up, maybe a couple years after I started. I have had up to TENS of THOUSANDS of hits in a single day. I have a good number of regulars. I only have 31 admitting to watch this blog.

Back in 2009 I wrote this:

Today marks five years since my first blog post!
Believe it of not a lot of thought went into creating all this. I give credit for starting the blog to two guys Steve Bunche of The Vault of Buncheness and my friend CWModels who was always sending me links to that blog. I thought it was amazing. At the time I was posting like mad on several online message-boards. There weren't enough forums to pound out all my thoughts. Then I realized that rather than slowing myself down and / or limiting the content of my posts I could pound out my thoughts on a blog. I wanted to create a site that revolved around me, all that matters to me.
I wanted to create a Bob-centric website. But what to call it? I decided on my alter-ego that I've been using for everything online: Baxojayz. The blog would revolve about what matters to me, thus no name would be more fitting than BAXOJAYZ-CENTRICITY. There you go, birth of a blog.
Baxojayz was a name I invented in high school. I had some letters written down and joined them together with as few vowels as possible and it spelled out BAXOJAYZ, pronounced bak-so-jais. It was well before the rapper Jay-Z came to light. Since then I used it as my stage name, Darryl Baxojayz, and my online name.
From the start the idea was that I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone out there who is interested in hearing them. The theme would be work, life, music, entertainment, gorgeous ladies, cars, and anything else that I felt like slapping up.
What really changed my blog was my coverage of Static-X. I loved the band and wanted to post as much info as I could for for other fans. I was contacted by a public relations firm called Total Assault about my efforts and wanted to know if I'd be interested in formal press releases from Static-X as well as other cool bands. Free content? Breaking news? How could I say no? Since then I have been getting all sorts of music news from them, and a couple other agencies. Most recently I've been dealing a lot with Ariel right here in NYC. They deal with a lot of smaller acts in the NY music scene. To me, that's a lot of fun spreading the word about tomorrow's stars! 
Over the years I've had some interesting things go on around this blog. I was hit with a cease and desist order for saying damaging things about a professional referral service. Funny, if the TRUTH is so hurtful, you guys should be looking within your own business, not bloggers, for your headaches. I've made lots of friends and even got to meet some other bloggers. I've been trolled by the same on-again off-again friend who sees fit to spam this awesome blog periodically to get his kicks. 
Click HERE to see my post that generated over 10,000 hits in ONE day! I think it went on to be the post the generated close to quarter of my lifetime hits. 
And that's that. I was planning a big unveiling today, but it didn't work out. Not enough time. Hopefully soon. I'm not posting anything else today unless I personally wrote it. Thanks for stopping by!

I have no plans to end this at any time. I'll just keep plugging away. The content will vary depending on my mood, but there will always be something. Likely lots of hot chicks and music. Who doesn't love that? It's  not likely that I will get any redesigns done with the way social media and wikis have taken over the net.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it so far. If not? Fuck off. I have. Thanks!