Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021

delitescent (del-i-TES-uhnt) adjective
  • Hidden; latent.
Etymology: From Latin delitescent-, stem of delitescens, present participle of delitescere (to hide away).
  • Sorry For The Mass Email 
SFTME everybody, 
Has anyone seen my red stapler? I left it somewhere in the office last Saturday. 
  • Only in America do have a Federal holiday to remember what we are thankful for, immediately followed by the largest shopping day of the year to max out our credit cards for the next holiday, Christmas.
Thanksgiving is not just a holiday but should be a state of mind all year long.

  • Another excuse for Americans to spend an entire day eating
"Damn, it's not a weekend, and i want to eat all day"
"Why Don't we invent a holiday and give it a stupid name?"
"Fo Shizzle, My Pilgrizzle!"

  • Thanksgiving - national holiday in the United States commemorating the Pilgrims' celebration of the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony in 1621, after a winter of great starvation and privation. The celebration was probably held in October. The neighboring Wampanoags, who outnumbered the colonists, joined them for three days and contributed food to the celebration. The first proclaimed day of thanksgiving in the colony was not held until 1623 (probably at the end of July), following an improvement in prospects for the still struggling colony, and was a day of prayer, not feasting. Fourth Thursday in November.

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  • Hollywood Ten: screenwriters were blacklisted by producers for being suspected Communists (1947)
     The Star Wars Ewok Adventure aired on the ABC Sunday Night Movie. (1984)
  • Iran-contra affair: arms-sales scandal blew open; US National Security Council aide Oliver North was fired for planning to ship arms secretly to Iran (1986)
  • Elián González: 6-year-old Cuban émigré was rescued by fishermen off Florida's coast, sparking a political asylum/child custody battle (1999)
  • Department of Homeland Security: was signed into law by George W. Bush; Tom Ridge was named the first department head (2002)
  • Andrew Carnegie 1835
  • Carry Nation 1846
  • Virgil Thomson 1896
  • Joe DiMaggio (MLB) 1914
  • Augusto Pinochet (Chili) 1915
  • Ricardo Montalban 1920
  • Etta Jones 1928
  • Nat Adderley 1931
  • Kathryn Crosby 1933
  • Matt Clark 1936
  • Percy Sledge 1940
  • Tracey Walter 1942
  • Ben Stein 1944
  • Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly) 1944
  • Bev Bevan (Electric Light Orchestra) 1946
  • Jonathan Kaplan 1947
  • John Larroquette 1947
  • Amy Grant 1960
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. 1960
  • Bernie Kosar (NFL) 1963
  • Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) 1964
  • Dougray Scott 1965
  • Stacy Lattisaw 1966
  • Deborah Wells 1968 t3h pr0n
  • Erick Sermon 1968
  • Jill Hennessey 1968
  • Christina Applegate 1971