Friday, March 04, 2022

Rock out with your Slim Jim out!



Kill myself nothing left
I feel this
Slowly I'm put to death
I've seen it all no regrets
Mental regress
Chemicals used in excess

Die old breathing cold
Cries heating broken lies
Kiss the world alive
Murder click
Let's begin

Overdrive let's go
Come alive let's go

Track the coming attack
Break your broken up back
Slow recirculation
Take the time to do it
Take the time for tuning
Chew it up
Swallow it down
Will you unhinge me

Mend the physical bend
Try to smooth the grain out
Grind it 'til it's shallow
Take the sedatives
Make sense out of nothing
One of many talents
Sew it up
Put it to rest
To find a balance

Have a great weekend!
I'm outta here!