Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Review Tuesday: HOUSE OF 9 (2005)

House of 9 de Steven Monroe (2005) - Unifrance
When nine people are abducted and find themselves locked in a house with no exit, they turn on each other for the grand prize. 
Mrs. Bax0jayz selected this for date night viewing recently. Based on the summary, she got the impression with would be like those CUBE movies.
The movie starts off with loud music while you see the nine people get abducted. Four women and five men. Mostly, they are as opposite as you can imagine, and no tie is ever developed amongst the group. The sadistic host chimes in over a loud speaker that he selected them for his own reasons and the ONE PERSON who leaves alive gets the prize, five million dollars. This immediately turns the tide. Some immediately turn on the others, while some try to maintain order, and the ones left are just toxic. 
There are some big problems with this movie. It's too long. Some scenes seem to drag on unmercifully long. It seems like the director was trying to make this artful, but it just got dull after a while. Another issue is that, this seems to take place in the UK, so everyone has a variety of accents, and most are unrecognizable. The final issue is that most of the characters were annoying and unlikable. Mix that all up and you had a movie that was too long and you didn't care what happened to anyone. Not the proper mix for horror. 
Not great. Not worth spending any money to see. 
It's free on AMAZON PRIME