Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Review Tuesday: Ratcheting Flex Head Wrenches by WORKPRO

Ratcheting Flex Head Wrenches by
While working on the 1937 Chrysler, there came many occasions that a set of  ratcheting flex head box wrenches came in handy. Luckily at the garage, my brother in law had plenty, but I didn't have any in my own. So I recently remedied that situation and got two sets from WORKPRO: metric and SAE. 
The wrenches are a tight fit, so no worries about stripping nuts. The head flexes, but they aren't too wobbly. The gears in the ratchets work smoothly.Even the tool bag is sturdy and folds up conveniently. 

In conclusion, I call these wrench sets a very worthwhile investment for the tool box, and expect to be using them a long time. 

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