Sunday, October 30, 2022

Candy Corn Day - 10/30/2022

Candy Corn Day
[Oct 30]

Do you know that old wives' tale about the Candy Corn being made back in the 1880s and it's still being distributed? Well, my sister Liz and I still argue about that to this day! Somehow she really doesn't like Candy Corn and almost every Halloween I remember she makes fun of me having Candy Corn.

I LOVE Candy Corn. Sure, there's not much to it except sugar but I love the simplicity of it. I mean, I can't think of a Halloween without Candy Corn! So while I was planning the Halloween party with Rachael at their place, Rachael brought up the subject of having loads of Candy Corn, so I said, "Of course we have to have Candy Corn, Halloween won't be the same without it!" And of course my big sis had to cut in and tell her the whole story about how Candy Corn was never made after the 1880s. We had our old brother and sister annual Candy Corn debate. It was fun. I remember about the old days when we were teenagers and we used to argue back and forth, you know the whole, "Is to!" and "Is not!" rebuttals. Man, we were like cartoon characters. Now we argue just to remember those times and pull each other's legs. We reminisce about them and think how silly we were. But we're still not giving up! We're still sticking to the same sides. For me that brings out the Halloween spirit, silly and fun. And that's one of the most important ingredients in planning a Halloween party.