Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Review Tuesday: Jeepers Creepers: Reborn 2022

 Jeepers Creepers Reborn - Official Trailer - YouTube
Jeepers Creepers:
Party goers descend on the town where The Creeper is believed to emerge on the year of his re-awakening. 
Old franchises don't die. They just get flogged like a dead horse. Yet ANOTHER horror franchise was dusted off, but did the studio do it justice? Let's review. This is the FOURTH installment in the Jeepers Creepers franchise. 
The original (2001) was outstanding in it's horror, gore, suspense, special effects and originality.   
The second was very polished and filled with gore and violence. It explained more of the Creeper backstory and how it exists. 
The third was trash. It looked more like Freddy Kruger in an overcoat. It took place between the first two movies, but, really didn't make sense in the grand scheme of things. Terrible acting. Bad effects. It killed the franchise. 
The fourth movie in the series, that no one asked for, has just come out for spooky season! In this one, there is a huge celebration celebrating the year of the return of The Creeper. It starts off with a couple of cryptid fans on their way. In the opening moments, Chase (Imran Adams) is watching a YouTube vid about the Creeper that's actually better than this entire movie. In a way, it ruins the rest of the movie because, while this film is only about an hour and a half, it moves so slowly that it gets really dull. You just lose interest. 
But I digress. What IS cool is when they show the Creeper (played by Jarreau Benjamin)  emerging from his slumber, almost mummy-like. A lot of the Creeper effects and scenes were pretty cool, to be honest. Getting back to the story. It appears that there is some Voodoo Creeper cult that work in league with the monster to help him with his immortality. Chase's girlfriend, Layne (Sydney Craven) is pregnant and this will be vital for the rebirth of the ancient and decaying Creeper. I think. I dunno? I am not sure. They make some very vague suggestions but never clarify what it's all about. The Creeper DOES, in fact, grab Layne and the others try to get her back. 

I found myself sighing with exasperation quite a lot during this movie. Lack of explanation / clarification has you wondering WTF is supposed to be going on. People, as always, do stupid / cliche horror movie things. Sydney Craven is really nice to look at (especially when she's trying on several cosplays), but her character is pretty generic and not very interesting. Chase is plain dumb. The news-crew seems ridiculously unprofessional. 

As you would expect, your victims run around in circles doing stupid things getting picked off by the villain. At least in this film, they didn't write everyone in as a bunch of loathsome jerks. They are just generic and bland. 

The special effects were a mixed bag. In some scenes, things looked really good, in others they did a poor job of seaming in the green screen into the background.
In conclusion I would call this okay at best. The ending didn't make much sense. The special effects were choppy. There wasn't much story or dialog. I feel like they were relying on people being distracted by Sydney to NOT notice how dull this movie was. Not great and NOT worth the price of a modern movie ticket. Wait for it to hit the small screen for free. 
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