Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Review Tuesday: VENOM [2018]

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An alien symbiote combines with a disgraced journalist to stop a remorseless mad-man. 
Back during the 80s when Spider-man returned from the SECRET WARS with his fancy new black costume, I wonder if Marvel realized how it would be impossible to tell that origin in a movie. Instead they invented the concept of some alien life form(s) making their way to this planet and mayhem ensues.  

In this second cinematic iteration, an industrialist with no moral compass discovered a comet with millions of life-forms contained within. Of course they brought them back to the Earth. What can go wrong? Plenty. It turns out they plan on taking over the planet. The only obstacle is one symbiote called Venom that bonded with journalist Eddie Brock. 

The first half hour is comprehensive character development. After that it's a never-ending thrill ride that should impress and overjoy most fans of Venom. The technology to properly bring this creature to the screen is here NOW. The did an amazing job bringing the character to life. As well, they nail so many of the character traits. It's something of a reward to be given this movie after the last attempt to bring the brute to screen with Topher Grace. 

I LOVED every minute of this movie. While it was rated PG-13 it sure pushed the envelope with strong language and ultra-violence and pure horror value. As a fan I highly recommend this movie despite any / all departures from the source material. 

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