Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Review Tuesday: Interior (2017)

A man is hired to collect photographic evidence of a haunted house. Things go out of control overnight.
This is another horror movie off the Fire Stick that Mrs Bax0jayz selected. Generally she bases her choices on the following criteria: must be rated R, must have interesting synopsis, must have interesting artwork, must have a rating of 5 or higher. This one fulfilled her requirements so it got a showing in our home. 

This is yet ANOTHER movie that's supposed to be put together from gathered footage. Or at least that give that impression. But there is so much of it that clearly isn't footage. It's details like this that drives me nuts! Consistency! PLEASE!

So this guy does his college ex-girlfriend a favor. She's headed out overnight to a library about 20 miles away. He must document the spectral presence within the house during that time. 

Of course, there is a pretty obvious piece of foreshadowing regarding Schrödinger's Cat. If no one is around to observe him within this house, he could be both alive and dead in various dimensions. 

The movie is short. The special effects are so-so. The acting is suspect. Since it doesn't require much of an investment in time I think it actually saves the film. But it does get pretty annoying at several parts.

Not great, but it was free on the FIRE stick, so no biggie.