Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Review Tuesday: THE WALKING DEAD Season 9

For the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, the living pose a greater threat. 
After the events of Season 8, the ALL OUT WAR story arc, we start off season nine with a fracturing groing amongst the various communities as time moved along. No one was prepared to live and let live or turn teh other cheek. That lead to the blockbuster mid-season finale in which Rick Grimes was written off the show.

When TWD returned, it brought with it the introduction of the latest threat, The Whisperers. This new group of survivors wear the skins of the dead so they can walk amongst and be camouflaged by the zombies. During the course of the season, Maggie vanished off the face of the Earth. Jesus was killed off.

I can see why so many people are leaving the fandom of this series. It's getting more dull by the season, and the writing is getting lazier bordering on simple-minded. In the comics the arrival of The Whisperers was terrifying and the story arc was compelling. The show feels hurried and stupid. So many people are doing dumb things that you don't even care when characters get killed. But truly, they are introducing new characters just to be killed off now, so they are playing that game. In the books, two of the heads that ended up on poles were Rosita and Ezekial. They pussied out on that one.

I don't judge the show by how it deviates from the comics but on its own merits. I feel the show has been suffering from poor script writing and it's been driving fans away. The only saving grace in the season finale was that Negan was back on his feet trying to ingratiate himself with the hierarchy. Negan and Darryl are the only characters worth watching the show for these days. I hope the writers think good and hard over this hiatus how to get the show back in line. Read the comics, maybe, and get closer to the source material. There's a reason why SKYBOUND is the flagship for IMAGE COMICS.