Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Review Tuesday: STAR WARS: Visions - Volume 2

  Star Wars: Visions season 2 episodes, ranked

Volume 2
The second season of Star Wars - Visions. 
After the, mostly, positive reception of the first season of Star Wars - Visions, the fans were looking forward to more of the same, especially after being disappointed by Kenobi, Boba Fett, and Mando S03. Don't get me wrong, The first season of Visions had some stinkers in it, the the good ones were really exceptional. 

The shorts:
  1. "Sith"
  2. "Screecher's Reach"
  3. "In the Stars"
  4. "I Am Your Mother"
  5. "Journey to the Dark Head"
  6. "The Spy Dancer"
  7. "The Bandits of Golak"
  8. "The Pit"
  9. "Aau's Song"
Season two consists of 9 episodes running approximately 16 minutes each. This time around the participating studios were a wider variety, diverging from the first season that focused mostly on various Anime Studios. I am not sure if that's where things went wrong, of if Disney was more hands on, because these was not nearly the same pleasant experience. 

The troubles with this season is that a lot of the stories feel like they are geared specifically to children. Some of the stories simply childish. Between the children and girl power, being dull,  general pointlessness, and a woke feel to much of it, I found very little enjoyable with this season. I would call this yet another disappointment from Disney, the company that doesn't seem to want to do anything right anymore.