Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Review Tuesday: The Passion of the Christ [2004]

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The Passion of the Christ
The story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 
Back in 2004, which this movie came out, it caused quite a ripple. The media and the Left smeared Mel Gibson as an unhinged antisemitic racist. However, Christian went to see what was labeled the most Biblically accurate telling of the most important event in the New Testament, The Crucifixion of Christ. 
Back in the day a friend lent me a copy to watch, and I recall appreciating the content while being appalled. I understood why there were news reports of people leaving theaters crying after seeing this movie. For me, watching the violence inflicted on one man were far worse than anything I had ever seen in any horror movie. It left an impression on me, but I had no intent to see it again. 
Fast forward to this past Easter. My friend, who is responsible for me watching and catching up with so much media wanted to watch The Passion of the Christ for Good Friday. 
Coming in at 2:07 and getting an R Rating for violence and gore, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is hailed as the most Biblically accurate telling of the story of The Crucifixion. Usually it's thinned out and/or made more palatable for modern sensibilities. Director Mel Gibson went all-in for historical and Biblical accuracy. He even filmed the entire movie in the accurate languages of the time. Gibson also didn't ease up on the historical brutality of the age.      
Jesus of Nazareth was played by Jim Caviezel who was relatively unknown at the time, but he's gone on to star in other things like the his show Person of Interest and last year's surprise hit The Sound of Freedom. As Jesus, Jim does an amazing job. The entire cast is great. The cinematography is outstanding. The choice of angles and special / practical effects really makes the movie.  
If you are a Christian, this movie is very relevant. You get to see what the Son of God endured and died for our sins. It's very difficult to watch, but it's an important one to see. Highest of recommendations.