Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Rewview Tuesday: THE BAD BATCH - Season 3

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Season 3
The final season of the series that was meant to conclude THE CLONE WARS and answer questions about that period between Star Wars Ep 3 & 4.
I am taking a break for a couple weeks from all the fun stuff I watched with my friend to get to some other things that are more timely. This week I deal with the final season of THE BAD BATCH. I was watching this from the beginning and enjoyed it. Well, kinda. 
This series has had two problems from the beginning: 1. Omega's annoying accent and 2. Omega constantly doing stupid things. Basically the worst thing about this series is the central character despite the show being called THE BAD BATCH. Add to that add the overwhelming number of Star Wars CRAP that Disney has been vomiting out on the fans and I just lost my motivation to watch this. Ultimately it took some other friends to request a binge watch after tax season ended for me to give it a shot. 
Season three ran 15 episodes. It was really 16, but the last two episodes were pressed into one long episode to tie the series up. 
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In this season we start off at Mount Tantiss where both Crosshairs and Omega are being held as prisoners for the Empire's new secret programs. One is a super soldier program which converts the clones into efficient assassins doing the bidding of their direct superior. The other was project Necromancer. Project Necromancer will later be known as how "Palpatine returned somehow." Of course Omega, the kid saves the day and escapes Mt Tantiss and rescued Crosshair at the same time. The rejoin the rest of the team and guess what? Omega gets captured AGAIN. 
As you would expect, The Bad Batch hatch some insane plan and end up rescuing Omega and the other clone prisoners which making a shamble of things, bringing a close to the super-clone program while causing the end of Project Necromancer. That was one of TWO surprises by the time the series ended. I thought for SURE Tech would be found, maybe being one of the super-clones and they rehab him but no, they left him dead! I didn't expect that. Plus, the closing of Project Necromancer baffles me. Without THAT, there would be no way for Palpatine to return, somehow. So that's ponderous to me. 
In the end I would say that season three was okay and I am glad I watched it just so I can have the closure after watching the first two seasons. The only trouble is that you have to watch it D+       
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