Tuesday, March 02, 2010


If you’re standing in a forest, tilting your head way back to glimpse the tops of all those majestic, thickly trunked trees, it’s just impossible not to be moved by their centuries-old resilience; the stoic strength that sees them through even the harshest storms that Mother Nature can unleash. Yet locked deep within the core of each of those mighty oaks and towering sequoias is something even stronger than their outwardly impressive surface layers: the heartwood. A tree’s densest, most durable—and often most beautiful—element, the heartwood is the robust, knotty marrow that keeps it standing proud and tall for all to marvel at. And not only is Heartwood also the name of Canadian singer-songwriter Sora’s astonishing third release, it’s as well the perfect metaphor for her music: gorgeous, rich, endlessly enduring.
  • Comparison: Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, Mary Black, Secret Garden, Enya
  • Influence: Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, Tori Amos, Enya


Sora said...

I am so thrilled in this! Thanks so much :)


Bobby "the Blue" said...

You're welcome!