Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday, September 9, 2014

disambiguate \ dis-am-BIG-yoo-eyt \ , verb; 
  • to remove the ambiguity from; make unambiguous: In order to disambiguate the sentence "She lectured on the famous passenger ship," you'll have to write either "lectured on board" or "lectured about."
Origin: Disambiguate entered English in the 1960s as the negative verbal equivalent to ambiguous . Interestingly, there is no verb form of ambiguous in English. 

grown man, verb;

  • to dress formally. Originating from the Bay Area.
"You ain't gettin' into the club with a white tee or a jersey, you got to get yer grown man on. Kangols, button ups, a cuff and a crease an' that shit."
  • St. Augustine: the oldest permanent European settlement in the US was founded (1565)
  • Galveston Hurricane: made landfall; it was the deadliest natural disaster to strike the US to date (1900)
  • Miss America: the annual pageant was first held in Atlantic City; 16-year-old Margaret Gorman of Washington DC was the first to be crowned (1921)
  • Siege of Leningrad: nearly 2.5-year blockade of the city by the Germans in WWII began (1941)
  • Star Trek: TV series recounting the adventures of the starship Enterprise premiered (1966)
  • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: opened in Washington, DC, with the premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass (1971)
  • Watergate: US president Gerald Ford granted his predecessor, Richard Nixon, a full pardon for "crimes he committed or may have committed" (1974)
  • Richard the Lionhearted (England) 1157
  • Antonin Dvorak 1841
  • Jimmie Rodgers 1897
  • Claude Pepper 1900
  • Hillary Brooke 1914
  • Sid Caesar 1922
  • Peter Sellers 1925
  • Harlan Howard 1927
  • Patsy Cline 1932
  • Willie Tyler 1940
  • Alan Feinstein 1941
  • Christopher Connelly 1941
  • Dante Drowty (Dante and The Evergreens) 1941
  • Brian Cole (The Association) 1942
  • Ron McKernan (Grateful Dead) 1945
  • Ben Orr (Benjamin Orzechowski) (The Cars) 1947
  • Ann Beattie 1947
  • Will Lee 1952
  • Heather Thomas 1957
  • Michael Lardie (Great White) 1958
  • David Steele (English Beat, Fine Young Cannibals) 1960
  • Marc Gordon (Levert) 1964
  • Brooke Burke 1971
  • David Arquette 1971
  • Larenz Tate 1975
  • P!nk (Alecia Beth Moore Hart) 1979 - Singer
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas 1981

A funny story. During the 80s I had several Heather Thomas posters in my bedroom. I had a friend who insisted that he had the issue of Playboy in which she was nude. I asked to see it a couple times but he never produced it. Now with t3h interw3b I have found NO EVIDENCE that she ever did such a spread. Moral of the story? Never lie. You never know when the truth might come out.  
These are some of my fav pics of her.