Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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This is a compilation of the Dredd comic strips from 2000 AD Progs, numbers 571 - 618. Under this cover you have the years 2110 through 2111. Cover art (above) by Chris Weston.
In a post-apocalyptic world, the US is reduced to two Mega-Cities, containing nearly 500 million citizens each on either coast. To speed up the legal process a policing force of JUDGES enforce the law. One Judge will, on the spot, be Judge, Jury, and if it fits the crime, Executioner. We get to follow the adventures one of the most feared and by-the-book Judges, Joseph Dredd, as he does his job upholding the law and defending Mega-City One.
This edition of the case files includes:
  • Hitman
  • SIMP Saga: Simp About The House
  • Skeet & The Wreckin' Crew
  • The Sage
  • Full Mental Jacket
  • Bloodline (start of the Judge Kraken storyline)
  • Bat Mugger
  • Hottie U
  • The Brainstem Man
  • Twister (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
  • PJ Maybe's Summer Holiday
  • Strange Customs
  • The Circus
  • 3001 a Space Opera
  • Worms (cover art came from this story)
  • When gods intervene (see Dredd SMILE!)
  • Eldster Ninja Mud-Wrestling Vigilantes
  • Blame it on the Moon
  • Curse of the Spiderwoman (and Return)
  • Alzheimer's Block
  • Tyger, Tyger
  • Our Man In Hondo
  • That Sweet Stuff
  • Spok's Mock Choc
  • Crazy Barry, Little Mo
In this volume we see some coloring of the artwork, so it's not just black and white with cross hatching. You also see some major diversity in the artwork amongst the various artists. It almost seems that the artists are so distracted by getting to use color that the quality of the artwork occasionally suffered.

What's key in this year in the start of the BLOODLINE story. Kraken was a JUDDA, that the Justice Department wants to reform and make into a street Judge. Dredd isn't getting any younger, and since they are cloned from the same stock, they want to keep the bloodline on the street. Will this experiment be a success? Future volumes will tell... 

We also get to see HONDO CITY, the Japanese Mega City and what their Judges look like. Kinda like a Power Ranger.

He's smart. He's tough. He's the LAW! He's so by-the-book that he makes you laugh at times. Great stuff! A definite MUST READ! Get to it, citizen!

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