Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sinclair Releases Debut Single, Holla, On NYLON

"No tonal manipulation, no gimmicks, just really good music." - NYLON Magazine

Nashville alt/pop artist Sinclair "employs catchy hooks, blues chord progressions, and storytelling" in her debut single, "Holla." The track will be available on her upcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released early next month via Drive Music.

Born in upstate New York, Sinclair cut her teeth as a competitive classical guitarist, earning multiple local and national accolades. Although encouraged to play music, Sinclair found herself at odds with the views of her pastoral father and eight siblings when, at age 20, she revealed she was a lesbian. Feeling suddenly disconnected from her familial roots and the small town in which she was raised, Sinclair moved to Nashville in pursuit of both a musical and personal identity. Since arriving in Nashville, Sinclair has quickly earned a reputation as one of Nashville's most promising artists and has toured with acts such as Ingrid Michaelson and Graham Colton.

"Holla is funny because it's not really speaking directly to anyone. With that said, I think of myself when I sing it. I want to encourage people to let go and try things - be yourself. Before I came out to my parents, I was scared. Everything was out of bounds and I needed a release - "Holla" feels like that release." - Sinclair in a recent interview with NYLON.

"Holla" audio: